Mondulkiri Project: Elephant Sanctuary & Jungle Treks

Elephants in Cambodia are an endangered species. They are threatened by a loss of habitat, poaching, and being caught in snares. Elephants played a vital role in Cambodia’s history, as they were used to move the large heavy stones used to build the iconic Angkor Wat.

In the dense forests of Cambodia, there are approximately 400 elephants living in the wild. About 250 of these live in Mondulkiri Province, the largest in the country.

It takes approximately 6 hours to travel there from Phnom Penh and 8 hours from Siem Reap. Not many visitors make the journey to Mondulkiri so it is an ideal place to escape the tourist trail and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Unlike other parts of Cambodia, the majority of people living in Mondulkiri are not Khmer. They are the Bunong people who are the largest indigenous ethnic group in Cambodia after the Khmer. Discover this fascinating and unchartered area with a visit to the elephant sanctuary. You will also get the opportunity to go jungle trekking, and explore hidden waterfalls. You can also enjoy coffee and avocados here, as they are specialties of the region.

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