Snorkelling and diving around Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is one of Vietnam’s most popular holiday destinations. Located in the Gulf of Thailand just 15km off the coast of Cambodia, Phu Quoc’s isolation made it an attractive hiding place for beach lovers. With a spacious 46km long, Phu Quoc Island attractions aren’t just limited to around 20 unspoiled beaches, but extends to historical sites, Buddhist shrines, fishing villages and evergreen forests.

One of the highlights on Phu Quoc island is the snorkeling and diving activities. There’s a reason why visitors come in droves to Phu Quoc from November to May, and why resorts and hotels raise their rates then. It’s because during those months the waters surrounding the island become limpid and ideal for diving and snorkeling. The best locations for these activities are around the An Thoi Islands to the south or Turtle Island off the northwest coast, both of which can be reached by boat trip from Phu Quoc. 

At these reefs, you can float above brain and fan corals, watching parrotfish, scorpionfish, butterflyfish, huge sea urchins and a host of other marine life.

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