Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong is one of the most beautiful destinations you’ve never heard of. This remote nature reserve is an impressive natural getaway just a few hours out of Hanoi. Discover the tranquil majesty of its terraced rice fields, wild rainforests and spectacular peaks. If you’re looking for a stunning and surreal holiday, be sure to add these activities to your travel itinerary.
Here are some of the activities Crystal Holidays Travel can arrange for you to experience in Pu Luong Nature Reserve:

1. Conquer the Peak of Pu Luong

Nature-lovers can test their skills on a trek up 1,700 m to the summit of Pu Luong Mountain. From the top, marvel at the poetic panorama below, with views of surrounding mountains, forests, rice fields, and the humble valley below. The adrenalin rush and the awe-inspiring views are the best rewards.

2. Journey up to Son Ba Muoi

Son Ba Muoi is a constellation of three hamlets in the Pha Chien Mountain Range. This remote area is made up of sleepy hamlets at an elevation of 1,180 m facing Pu Luong Mountain. Climb soaring mountain paths as you make your way through charming villages before reaching this picturesque location. Breathe in the cool, temperate air as you marvel at the simple charm of local farms and stunning views.

3. Explore Kho Muong Village

For many visitors to Pu Luong, Kho Muong is the ideal starting point for trekking. Kho Muong is an ethnic Thai village, with a picturesque landscape made up of rocky cliffs, dense forest, and gorgeous terraced rice fields. Aside from the majestic nature, tourists will also have chances to explore the villages’ mysterious and ancient cave system on this tour. From here, you can travel to neighboring villages to learn more about daily life, discovering the unique custom of the local inhabitants.

4. Jungle Waterfalls in Hieu Village

One experience you should not miss in Pu Luong, is Hieu waterfall. On the way from Pho Doan town to the village, catch a glance of simple water wheels, an irrigation system used by the Thai people. Arrive at the base of the waterfall, whose source is unknown. Take a walk along the aquamarine pools enveloped by the jungle or go for a dip in its cool waters.

5. Pho Don Fair Market

If you’re starting your journey on Thursday or Sunday, Pho Don Fair Market is the place to be. Here you can observe all the exotic ingredients and artisanal goods only available deep in the mountains. Pick up one-of-a-kind souvenirs, as you support the local economy, with items like brocade cloth, local wine, forest vegetables or fresh fruit.

6. Experience Highland Life

Dive into life in the highlands with this unique experience with Thai and Muong ethnic groups. Learn about their agriculture, ancient traditions and see their fascinating homes first-hand. Aside from adventurous outdoor activities, join in the unique heritage with bamboo dancing, singing and other special dances of the Thai people.

7. Savor Pu Luong Specialties

Eating in Pu Luong is reserved for guests, as many stilt house homestays will cook up their local harvest for lunch and dinner. Normally, dining services while trekking in Pu Luong is booked in stilt houses that are open for tours. Your host will cook up miraculously fresh dishes that can only be found in this area. Sample local specialities like hill chicken, sour bamboo shoots, bitter bamboo shoots, bamboo sticky rice, grilled spring duck or roasted boar.


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