Nha Trang Horizon cruise tour

Discover the coastal beauty of Nha Trang on a fun-filled cruise aboard the Nha Trang Horizon cruise. Guests can enjoy a thrilling experience with fun water sports like kayaking, water skiing, swimming, fishing, and scuba diving. Soak up some sun while enjoying fresh seafood and live music performances. The highlight of the excursion is the magnificent scenery along the coast, plus access to Six Senses Resort’s Bay and An Lam Ninh Van Bay. Guests can also take in the stunning landscape from the comfort of the sundeck.

Depending on your interest, our experts will arrange a cruise suitable to your needs . It could be a day tour, a 2-days 1-night cruise tour or even up to 3-days 2-nights cruise trip. For any tour starting from 2 days, you will spend 1 day onboard Nha Trang Horizon cruise and the remaining days on a city tour or discovering some famous sites near Nha Trang.

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