A taste of Bangkok Walking tour


Thonburi’s Kudi Jeen district in Bangkok, offers a well-preserved glimpse into the oldest community of this metropolis. It is a peaceful place, one that makes you think that you’re miles away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s 10 million inhabitants. Explore the Kudi Jeen community and discover the hidden gems of Bangkok.

Start your tour in the morning at Yodpiman Pier, where you’ll cross the Chao Praya River to arrive at the Kanlayanamitr Temple. Admire the big Buddha inside the Santa Cruz Church then keep walking to the Ton Son Mosque and Wat Arun – both constructed over 250 years ago.

In Thonburi, there are diverse communities including Christian, Muslim, and Buddhists living peacefully beside one another. Peacefully stroll as you visit these communities before tucking into some local snacks. Taste the famous “kanom wan kudichin”, a Thai cake influenced by Portuguese desserts, at Thanusingha Bakery House.

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