Esala Perahera – The Festival of the Tooth

Esala Perahera, also known as the Festival of the Tooth, is usually held in the summer (July or August) in Kandy. It honors the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha and pays respect to the gods of Sri Lanka. During this Buddhist festival, people from across the country congregate to Kandy to enjoy the huge procession consisting of various local dances and elephants exquisitely adorned with lavish garments and jewels.

As darkness falls, the streets of Kandy jostle with spectators eager to catch a glimpse one of the most spectacular parade in the world. This awe-inspiring event includes hundreds of whip crackers, flag bearers, fire-dancers, Kandyan drummers, and elephants in bejeweled capes. After the grand finale, the event ends with the ritual water cutting ceremony in the river, as Sri Lankans believe that this water is sacred and dispels evil.

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