World’s best kept-secret paradise: Mergui Archipelago

Leave the fast pace of daily life behind and as you’re welcomed to the heavenly Mergui Archipelago.

Situated in Myanmar’s southernmost corner, Mergui Archipelago is comprised of around 800 beautiful islands and islets. Each is home to exquisite beaches and untouched natural landscape. This region offers great opportunities for diving to discover spectacular marine life and colorful coral reefs.

A relaxing day trip on the Mergui Archipelago makes you feel like time is everlasting. There are plenty of fun activities to experience while island hopping, like swimming, diving, fishing, kayaking trekking or just relaxing under the sun. It is truly a privilege to visit as there aren’t many tourists here, just you and the Moken, the nomadic seafaring people that inhabit Mergui.

The Moken set up camps as shelter in some islands. You will be welcomed to visit one of their camps, immersing yourself in this fascinating culture.

While most of the tours to this region offer stays on board a ship at sail, Crystal Holidays Travel offer you a chance to camp out in one of the islands. It is a great experience, far from luxury, but worth much more than a 5-star hotel. Stay in portable tents under the stars, and warm up by the bonfire. Gather here to drink, laugh and share stories and wake up to the call of birds the following morning.

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