Sparkling Thadingyut Festival of Lights

Thaidingyut Festival of Lights is a traditional festival marking the end of Buddhist Lent. It is one of the most prominent festivals of the year, as pagodas, houses, and streets are brilliantly illuminated. It is not only a time of celebration but also giving thanks.

Typically held for 3 days in October until the end the Buddhist Lent, this festival can be regarded as the time for street fairs. During the festival, visitors can admire sparkling streets and houses which are filled by twinkle lights. The locals also carry out various activities to raise money for charities. From amateur bands to professional art troupes, most artists perform all day and night on the street to give back to the community.

Also, at this time, the people in Yangon usually go to famous religious sites such as Shwedagon and Botahtaung Pagodas. They do so in order to pay homage to Buddha and pray.

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