Hot Air Balloon Festival in Myanmar

From 1st to the6th November, thousands of people congregate at Taunggyi to join the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Events include competitions and processions during the day and firework performances at night. The colorful balloons in various shapes twinkle in the night sky creating a magical atmosphere.

It is said that the festival originated from Buddhist and Hindu cosmology. Natives would pay homage to the Sulamani Temple by releasing decorative balloons towards the heavens to ward away evil spirits.

During the festival, many families from villages all over the area bring their home-made hot air balloons to join the competition. In the daytime, it is all about children, with huge balloons created in the shapes of animals, like birds, tigers, and elephants. When night falls, villagers take turns to release their huge hot air balloons.

The festival is a truly joyful atmosphere with the glistening scene of colorful balloons taking over the sky.

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