Explore the wonders of Mrauk U

Welcome to Mrauk U, Myanmar’s medieval trading port on the Bay of Bengal. Perhaps one of Myanmar’s best-kept secrets, Mrauk U is located in Rakhine State, andan important archaeological town. It even has a fortress to protect the sacred temples built by the powerful Mrauk U Kingdom from the fierce winds.

This tour of Mrauk U reveals a side of Myanmar that few know: the wealth of heritage in Rakhine State. At first sight, Mrauk-U exudes the grandeur of a great ancient kingdom. Dozens of breath-taking stone relics surround a lush riverside valley, with more monuments dotting hillsides in every direction. There is also around 700 ancient structures surrounding Mrauk-U waiting to be explored.

Around 400 years ago, during the heyday of the Mrauk U Kingdom, the magnificent temples, elaborate stone carvings, and brilliant architecture put it on a map. It was compared to the splendid regional capitals like Bagan, Ayutthaya, and Angkor, however, one day the kingdom collapsed with virtually no trace and little historical record.

Visitors are often drawn to explore just north of Mrauk-U where there are incredible structures, including Shitthaung, the temple of 80,000 Buddha images, and Koe Thaung the temple of 90,000 Buddha images.

Crystal Holidays Travel’s trip to Mrauk U offers travelers a chance to:

• Drink in the sunset over the Bay of Bengal in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State.
• Tour the archaeological wonders of Mrauk U, including Shitthaung Temple and Laymyetnha Pagoda.
• Relax, sit back and enjoy a cruise up the Kaladan River.
• Meet the tattooed women and discover the local culture of the Chin people.

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