Be amazed at incredible maze of Pindaya Caves

This short trip will take you to explore less-visited Shan state. Here the Caves of Pindaya are massive limestone cliffs filled with 8000 gilded Buddha statues and Kalaw hill station, which is the perfect starting point for authentic trekking through lush mountains and colorful villages.

Start your trip to the Pindaya Caves. Inside the maze-like cavern, there are more than 8000 Buddha images made from alabaster, teak, marble, brick, lacquer, and cement. Afterward, taste a Burmese specialty, tea leaf salad, in a nearby village. Pinays is a green tea mecca, so learn more about the growing of tea and soy-based products before setting off for Kalaw. The drive is breathtaking, as you climb the winding hilly road through the Shan hills into Kalaw. This hill station is nestled on the rim of the Shan plateau.

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