Creat your own theories about the mysterious Plain of Jars

Welcome to Asia’s most mysterious attraction. Located in Phonsavan, the Plain of Jars is a vast plain, with hundreds of stone ‘jars’ scattered across the area.

Why are the jars there? No one knows. Despite being studied, the story behind this marvelous archaeological site remains shrouded in mystery and legend. Researchers have developed many theories over time, thinking perhaps the jars were used as urns or perhaps for food storage. According to local legend, the jars were created by Khun Cheung, an ancient king of giants who lived in the highlands. The story goes that after winning a long battle, Cheung created the jars to brew celebratory rice wine.

Our guide will share all these fascinating stories while escorting you through the area carefully. As Laos was heavily bombed during the Secret War, there are many unexplored ordinances scattered about.

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