Kecak Fire Dance

The Kecak Fire Dance is one of Bali’s most iconic and mesmerizing displays. Performed at a cliff-top amphitheater beside Uluwatu Temple, tiered concrete seating surrounds the sunken centerpiece stage, offering impressive views of the Indian Ocean. For added drama, this sunset dance performance features fire shows, and human vocals are used in place of gamelan instruments.

The Kecak Fire Dance starts at sunset, usually around 6 pm. A troupe of around 75 male dancers descends onto the stage with extended arms, shaking hands up in the air while chanting their fast-paced choruses.

The performance is about Sri Rama, a prince of the Ayodya kingdom, who was sent into exile by his father King Dasaratha following an evil trick by his stepmother. Deep in a monkey forest, Sri Rama is accompanied by his wife Sita and loyal younger brother Laksamana. The evil Rahwana, had an interest in Sita kidnaps her. The brothers set out to rescue her with the help of the Monkey King Hanoman and his troops. Rahwana is eventually subdued, the lovers are finally reunited right after the setting of the sun.

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