Balinese architecture masterpieces in East Bali

Bali’s architecture is not only very famous in Asia, but it is globally recognized for its distinctive style. Combining a classy tropical lifestyle with traditional elements, Balinese structures have a unique atmosphere. Most hotels, restaurants, commercial villas, and private houses are both inspired by Balinese elements and contemporary architectural concepts. You can note this in the inclusion of Bali’s building materials, beautiful artistry, and craftsmanship.

Contact Us to experience some of the most popular day trips in east Baliwhich can show you the ‘real Bali’, including these visits to:

• Lush green gardens and heritage buildings at Taman Sukasada.
• A unique mix of architectural designs at Karangasem Palace.
• Picturesque snake fruit plantation at the village of Sibetan.
• Gorgeous scenic drive along the mountains and blue ocean.
• An amazing water park in a tranquil garden of Tirta Gangga.