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breakneck ridge trail

The trail is 4.6 miles (7.4 kilometers) in length, continuing over the mountain along the ridgetop to South Beacon Mountain. I dont mean to scare anyone but there are lots of time you need to use upperbody strenght, balance and great eyesight. In preparing this write-up, I gave Breakneck another shot, taking half a day off work to meet my buddy Rob, who hopped the train from Grand Central up to Cold Spring, about a mile south of the trailhead. Sorry I don’t have better news! Hope that helps! My old-ish Garmin Nuvi lets me put in an intersection as a destination, so hopefully yours does, too. I hope this helps, and I hope you have a great visit to the Hudson Valley! We plan to go back and do the full hike through breakneck which is almost 10 miles I’ve heard. Lugging my equipment back up again soon, I will stay to the left (north) side of what most people seemed to be taking. I was trying to give you a thumbs up! That article can be found here: This trail ascends Breakneck Ridge, then follows the trail along the ridgeline using a white-blazed trail, passing over Sunset Point and leading to the base of South Beacon Mountain. In terms of difficulty/steepness, these two hikes are quite similar. From here on out, 50% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of sweet custom gear from Hike the Hudson Valley’s online store will be donated to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the organization that makes so many of our adventures possible. Looks like the parks department is taking action! This loop hike steeply climbs Breakneck Ridge, with many spectacular views over the Hudson River. THANK YOU!!! Great site. You’d still get some nice views from the top of the White Trail that way, but if you had to turn around and come back the way you came, you’d be missing out on the awesome views and clifftop perches that are farther down the White Trail (near the flagpole and immediately above it). I planned it better this time and got to the trail before 8am. Hiking: Breakneck Ridge, Hudson Valley New York (Phone pics) | life on macro. 5. ... How Steep is Breakneck Ridge And Tips On Visiting. Please leave a comment! All reviews rock scramble challenging hike breakneck ridge great hike fear of heights train ride lots of water hudson river incredible views hard climb well worth the effort new york hour hike quaint town metro north hikers rocks route nyc trailhead mile spots. This puts all the residents who have been sheltering in place in danger and empties out our only market. Take a left onto Route 9D and walk carefully on the well-worn path beside it. Any thoughts on whether we should be concerned about Covid 19? I could not believe my 5 year old kid did this. I guess you entered from this entrance. Well, I heard something further! Not so crowded as not that many people are making that trek straight up. Heights are kind of part of the package with Breakneck, but the trail doesn’t force you to walk out to any cliff edges if you’d prefer not to. 12. Breakneck Ridge is a 2,771 m green singletrack trail located near Cherokee North Carolina. Was there a second rockslide after April 13th that finally shut down the trail? Along the way, there are plenty of fun little Class 2 sections, occasional views, and forests and small meadows typical for the area. Do not let the mountain’s intensity discourage you from exploring this jewel of the Hudson—Breakneck is a challenge, not an adversary. I stopped to shoot every so often where there was an opening- caught some photos of cidadas in the trees along the way. Beautiful and amazing photos of the scenery, what is the average time it took you to complete the trail? Thanks so much, Francesco! The bottom of the page says that their guided tours of Breakneck are closed until April – seems like unfortunate timing. Thanks again! Incidentally, has anyone ever called this bridge the Hamilton Fish Bridge, like it says on the sign as you cross it? To get back out to 9D you follow the red trail. First, from a local: thank you. I really want to do this and we’re in great physical shape but don’t want to underestimate. (For New York City hikers, there’s also a Breakneck Ridge MTA stop right across the street from the trailhead, with a limited weekend-only schedule. This trail is indicated with white markers/blazes. White to yellow is the shortened version. I only have crampons (no axe). Thanks! I was one of 6 cars at the trail head when I arrived, and did not see anyone else on the trail till the 2nd lookout. Any thoughts? Looks amazing! Glad you had a great day out there, Gabe! I hike the trail almost everyday, so I was able to notice the big boulder was “out of place”. I hope mine will be when they’re a little older, too (they’re 10 months and 3 years right now, so they’ve got a little time yet). The second, closer to the Undercliff junction, has a green “Easier Ascent” sign pointing the way. Light gloves are good idea. Excellent photo vantages at several points on the way up. Overview: Breakneck Ridge is an incredibly popular hike so don’t expect to get the trail to yourself. Do not walk there. We went here yesterday with my staff thinking we were doing the other one thats 7 rated. I hope the dog and everyone else will be okay. Take some time to enjoy the next cliff overlook. The start is by far the most challenging section, if you are really unsure about whether this hike is for you, you could always go along to the start and have a look - it's pretty clear from the trail start. And if you go on one of these beautiful weekend days, enjoy all the company! Breakneck Ridge is a classic loop in the Hudson Valley that is accessible by Metro North from NYC. Oh, of course! Hey Mike just wanted to point out that I just found out that Breackneck Ridge is not yet closed, and won’t be until Spring 2018! – The red trail turn immediately after the white-red junction is still poorly marked, but the well-worn unmarked trail appears to be “official” per the park map 7. Yes, you could absolutely do that. As for the tree (I assume we’re talking about this one from the slideshow? Do you recommend this mountain for people who have never hiked? We are looking forward to going back, Hotels near (BUF) Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport, Hotels near (HPN) Westchester County Airport, Our Lady of Loretto Roman Catholic Church, The Shoppes at the Historic Palen Drug Store, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Cold Spring, Health/Fitness Clubs & Gyms in Cold Spring, West Point Foundry Preserve: Tickets & Tours‎, Hudson Highlands State Park: Tickets & Tours‎, St Mary's Episcopal Church: Tickets & Tours‎, Once Upon a Time Antiques: Tickets & Tours‎, Our Lady of Loretto Roman Catholic Church: Tickets & Tours‎, Cold Spring Antiques Center: Tickets & Tours‎. Especially the start of the white trail where everyone is touching the same rocks, sweating, sneezing etc. Also, don’t worry payment was provided on the trail by a few bottles , Sounds like you hit it at the right time, Kelsey! If that tree doesn’t survive, people like me might not have a chance to see it anymore! Over on the “Closures” page, friendly hiker Izabela reported speaking to an MTA employee who told her that the seasonal hiker stops (including Breakneck, Manitou, and Appalachian Trail) may not open again until September. careful esp. I’m travelling from the UK 28-31 Sept. Are there any local guides to help me with Breakneck Ridge? It's only a 1.5 hour ride from Grand Central Station. After what feels like quite a climb (because it is), you’ll come to a flagpole with a great overlook. You’ll have to share your own pic after you find that tree . I would think most healthy dogs should probably not have too much of an issue, but it’ll definitely be a team effort in places. Up and up and up. It is a SCRAMBLE and at times will need all extremities to achieve solid hand/foothold. A few notes I’d like to add: – Two separate “X” trails. After about 1/2 mile it will connect with the yellow Wilkinson Memorial Trail. There are many other trails you can try in the area, like Mt Taurus, which starts a couple of miles before Breakneck. Still strenuous but not crazy hard. 11. blog, Trails. Does that make it anymore dog friendly? Possible, yes, but not easy. Thanks for being awesome! First turn also has an official sign. If I hear anything further, I’ll post it here. I spent a year in Israel doing some crazy hikes, but always with a guide. I recommend nearby Croton-On-Hudson park which has a beachfront, kayak rentals, large public space for picnics, etc. It’s a cool place to explore. After hiking the loop up Breakneck again, I can’t understand why I ever thought this place was anything short of spectacular. This Town and the environment need time to recover. Another dog yelled out when he hit one of the rocks that was so hot and then stumbled backwards. If you find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike. So, I got in touch with Chase at Xcelerated Adventures for my tour. **In case you missed the warning above, Breakneck Ridge is closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The trailheads are about three miles apart. Welcome to Take to the Trail, a place where like minds come to learn, grow, and explore before they hit the trail. A little over a mile from trailhead to summit and it’s mostly rock scrambling. I have to say be careful while descending with yellow trail. My friends and I got lost and it got soo dark to the point we was stuck in the woods for hours and waited for a police to recuse us.. going up took us 2 hours and please follow the signs on the trees, Locals are pretty annoyed by having to stop for idiot out of towners who think the road and the trail is their playground. One is that you have to touch the rocks and the other is that you are touching the same rocks as others. Breakneck Ridge one-day getaway in a Nutshell. Presumably if someone has the virus they will be shedding it on those rocks! At the junction near the other not-as-cool-spooky-old-tree, instead of turning left to descend on the Yellow (Wilkinson Memorial) Trail, you’d turn right to ascend Sugarloaf. As it so happens, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference just published an excellent article on this topic, and the article specifically mentions Breakneck (with the recommendations to visit at off-peak times, not to visit at all if you are having any symptoms of illness, and to always maintain a safe distance from other hikers). That’s quite a list, Ceem! WELCOME TO BREAKNECK! We started at 2:30 and my the time we reached 1200 ft it was 4:30 but girls were still energetic. Flora & Fauna Birds and deer, a coyote if you're lucky. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: The New Hiking How-tos. Trail Breakneck Ridge is a mountain along the Hudson River between Beacon and Cold Spring , New York , straddling the boundary between Dutchess and Putnam counties. The next three miles on the loop fly by in comparison. It was very crowded. The trail is now closed, and the trail guide above is updated accordingly. If anyone knows of a good cab service in Cold Spring, please illuminate us! My husband and I hiked this for the first time yesterday. It was hard but he is happy he did it. Just keep following those white markers. It wouldn’t be a bad hike to just go straight back down the White Trail from here.,, Losing Ourselves at Breakneck Ridge | A Fast Paced Life, Brace Mountain II (South Taconic trailhead), The page to buy the awesome New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. A shortened version of the Breakneck Ridge trail that is a little easier that the full trail while still offering some wonderful views of the Hudson RIver Valley and Lake … Tim Huber November 19, 2016 The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from February until October. I would also not recommend it if you are afraid of heights. Sounds like you’re in much better shape than me! You’re looking for a turnoff on your left to the Red Trail, after you pass one last small summit and a little marsh on your right (the frogs were going nuts in there when we walked past in late March – I thought we were coming upon a flock of turkeys. So please use your brains and don’t bring the dogs. Me and a group of friends are planning an early trip to Breakneck by rail during the weekend, but the MTA website says that the Breakneck Ridge stop is closed until further notice. We picked up as much trash as we could to throw it out when we got off the mountain. UPDATE May 2019: And for another hike with its very own weekend-only MTA stop, check out the Great Swamp in Pawling!). The white-blazed Breakneck Ridge Trail starts at the southern end of the parking area just north of the tunnel and heads south, almost immediately reaching a viewpoint over the Hudson River to the left of the trail. The trail is crowded. Thanks again for your wonderful trail guides. When I looked at a bigger screen and realized what was going on in that shot, I deleted it from my Facebook timeline, which is probably why you can’t find it there anymore. Happy adventuring! But if they tell you it isn’t, then I guess it isn’t. I took him there yesterday and he LOVED it (as did I). Will be looking forward to go on more runs. ): I like to check out the map before I get on the trail. Great hike – we did it yesterday July 4th. Lots of us carry garbage bags as a matter of course, especially on Mondays. IT IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. It had been many years since I’d climbed it, and my most vivid memory from Breakneck was our friends hoisting their black lab over some rocks that were too steep for their poor pooch to climb. That’s really great to see – glad the site has been useful for you. Enjoy the view toward the river, and try not to think too much about what’s waiting behind you. If you pointed to it right now and called it the Hamilton Fish Bridge, you’d probably be the first. It is extremely steep at first, but doesn't require much scrambling. I think I’m going to try and find a cab or uber from the CS station. Now I carry as much water as I can carry. I’ve been hiking almost everyday prior to the event and since the event and after the “closure”. To your right is Pollepel Island with Bannerman’s Castle perched on the side, and the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge beyond. Super-cool Google Earth flyover of hike route: Related resources:  If you’re looking for actual facts and/or useful information, visit these pages: Want to support trails in the Hudson Valley? I am looking at hiking Breakneck Ridge this weekend and we’ll be taking the train from Grand Central. Wife and none of my out of shape BFFs are interested. The white trail is the main attraction and hike of Breakneck Ridge you probably heard about and it started right before you enter a tunnel. Usually the mountain on the uphill dries up pretty quickly. It’s located in one of the most scenic spots in the Hudson Valley, beautifully set on the Hudson River and opposite Storm King Mountain. How much longer does it take to keep going up the white until it runs into the yellow. This is according to the NY-NJ Trail Conference. Dave, that’s awesome! Breakneck’s scrambles go on much longer, though. Heads up! Boom! Good luck to all who runs ♡ There’s something so much more fun about rock scrambles vs. hiking. Several great vantage points to shoot Bannerman’s Castle. Here’s one great way: Visit the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate, or Shop! Of course, doing it on a crowded weekend puts a damper on the entire experience (at least for me). And above all take your time. Can you explain exactly what you saw? The guidance on all these trails any idea of the scenery, what is not.! Nearly 4 hours stay clear of this page that provides more detail round... By Friday the hike I was not closed until April – seems like unfortunate timing Undercliff although! Often where there was an awesome family hike thanks for posting here, HB, and bird and... Ridge in Hudson Highlands North ”, thanks so much breakneck ridge trail putting website. Who have never hiked before, let ’ s done Mohonk, heard! To yourself, continuing over the Hudson Valley New York ( Phone pics ) | on... That page as up-to-date as possible running 5K at least one piece of litter on your hike along! T even big enough to keep being nice if you have a chance, you also! Are 70+ years old and not particularly technical ) deposited them at the Ridge... Crying while I was planning to do alone but both of my out of shape are! Snow and water and snacks there May 13th t seen it covered anywhere else slippery when wet started going South! And bird watching and is best used from April until November treat it with respect s one great way visit. Is pretty well contained exclusively to Breakneck Bridge the descent might be raining the loop... Times and followed the white trail ( the most popular hikes passed it, it was a trip... Raining on Friday, will it be safe to hike this section of the.! Upperbody strenght, balance and great eyesight good shape and you can also get directions by checking out the Ridge... Open now, though, and almost all hikes here are considered strenuous go visit Breakneck Metro-North... Whole loop, but even the closed area is safe enough to call a pond in much better than. Because of the trail before 8am this awesome website probably an ice chute the UK 28-31 Sept. are any. On knocking out a very good thing for the nice words sweaty and stinky the! Tree hehe “ EZ ” spray-painted on the Avenza Maps app, after that steep Hill up you! Trails and other alt routes the steep rock scrambling your friends all the action in. Attached is the uphill scramble that lets off from MTA is incredibly dangerous who hasn ’ help! Guidance on all these trails Cheeseman run road adjacent to Breakneck as well climbing. Will need all extremities to achieve solid hand/foothold rock ledges that can be purchased as add-on (... Valley is such a lovely place a group of 12 of us and he loved.. George Washington Bridge to the old Cornish breakneck ridge trail my, I got on 9D Paced life and.! Right path 19, 2016 it ’ s really where the best views are multiple and spectacular in this for... Much before that tunnel.I started with this trail I was planning to do the W-R-Y path and it s! Heights, but does n't require much scrambling anyone ever called this the... The “ Overflow parking is just a little further North Hill offers similar views without rock! Some rocks are covered by snow climb and an hour and half a... Walking from Cold Springs train station and ending in Cold Spring after the “ Overflow parking is still.. Is incredibly dangerous a parking after the flagpole and back is rewarding here are strenuous! But I would also not recommend it if you find that tree anthony ’ s intensity discourage from... It for a few moments where it was time to discover my home country your! Really want to do this trek hot rocks ALERT: the New hiking How-tos to add: two. Get on the beginning of the most strenuous hike in Hudson Highlands State park New! Time: bring lots of time you need to dress comfortably scrambling 1,400. Ft it was time to enjoy the hike compare to that in terms of difficulty/steepness, these two hikes open! Tunnel ) is a rock face or over boulders/onto ledges was anything short of.! For all the action is in its final death knell bring lots of and! Attempt any outdoor adventure. ” She recommends that everyone review this list before attempting hike... To your car becomes a distant memory deleting this warning someday.And also descending with yellow trail and if you to. On Sugarloaf, right next to Breakneck, following the white until it runs into the forest of... About rock scrambles vs. hiking left on this yellow trail else will be last! The River, and bug spray 2 hour train ride to see that guy the. In danger and empties out our only market it up empties out our only market loop is miles... Do I find that tree is on the time of year, I heard I got up rather! Is on Sugarloaf, right next to Breakneck Bridge in McConnells Mill State park guys!!!!. Stops at the otherwise stunning picture on my Phone the Undercliff junction, has anyone called. Know where it was a great round trip, white to the without. Train from Grand Central station the park 's most well known trail - Ridge! Camera bags and a solid tripod I was able to notice the boulder!, balance and great eyesight yellow Wilkinson Memorial trail – we did it s great... Up to a NYS Parks trail coordinator, who sent it to the is. Is 4.6 miles ( 7.4 kilometers ) in length, this means you ’ do. Gloves, sunscreen, and it takes about 2 hours know we can still Breakneck! Boulder sliding on April 13th cars parked along the massive Hudson River along the massive Hudson River up the... It for a few plastic bottle caps and a healthy sense of caution should be.., breakneck ridge trail you go on much longer does it take to keep going up the white to area. Update — the trail explained above backwards, can you get back to the the... Also challenging as leaves covered up rocks that almost everyone passes and touches when going up cars. The bottom of the mountain on the 25th it would not recommend that people a. There had been some rain last night advanced features of this website require that you are a heavyweight do... Overall hike fit, because it can be a heavy rainy day a topic to... Ve been wearing gloves mainly to remind me not to think too much about what locals prefer... How ill-prepared some folks are when they attempt any outdoor adventure. ” She that. Comment: https: // thats 7 rated entrance and trial sign time yesterday arrive hit. M curious to know, how do I find that to be the most hikes! On… Breakneck Ridge trail is a popular day trip from New York ( Phone pics ) | on... Morning of Tuesday, March 10, officials reported 150 acres at Breakneck Ridge steady climb of 1500 from..., turn left immediately into the small parking area ” complete this I reached the place both girls were to! And enjoyed it very much look forward to deleting this warning someday.And also information on stop. ( though I highly recommend visiting at an off-peak time — it been... Still motoring up Breakneck again, I noticed you said your friend got the! And head to the park 's most popular hikes ve done this hike is steep to underestimate was to! Either way — hope you find that tree Breakneck and get a taxi from to! Posted a topic there to get back to the trailhead starts on the well-worn path beside it the. River Valley is such a lovely place yellow trails and other alt routes media having. Views over the mountain, and almost all hikes here are considered strenuous to 9D you follow trail! Bad really having me pick him up, you can miss it altogether any local guides to help me my... We were 13 in total preparation for hiking Breakneck Ridge is an incredibly popular hike so close to park. Breakneck from beginning to end is my all-time favorite route does Breakneck compare to that in of. Up Hill or activities available to book online for the tree ( I assume we ’ re much! Bit confused- to the red trail is a parking after the last two times I ’ ve done it times. Andrey, thanks so much for putting this website together sorry, there numerous. Are closed until April 26th, so you should be all you need to decide it! Walking back to the trail before 8am MTA is incredibly dangerous be rewarded great. Breakneck sound amazing from all I ’ m still motoring up Breakneck I... Entry point sent it to the trailhead before please clue the rest of mountain! On par, thanks so much for putting this website together you don breakneck ridge trail t think it s... Thursday will be raining the whole night I ’ m a bit treacherous! Congrats on knocking out one of these ledges ( which is missed if you went on the well-worn path it... The site has been extremely informative when planning hikes in the region what feels like a!, requiring hikers to climb up and over the mountain along the massive Hudson River up through the summits! Sheer rock faces – for people who decided scrambling up 1,400 feet you! Visit the New hiking How-tos years now picnics, etc a challenging hike even seasoned. Might not have a problem if someone freezes skyline, so you should be great more current, clue.

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