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is rangiku in love with gin

The three attack all at once, but are soon caught in a "Kidō net", confusing the Arrancar completely. [99] With the arrival of Captain Unohana, Rangiku and the others are taken to the Shinigami's temporary base where she treats them. During their conversation, Muramasa arrives at their location through a Garganta. [6], Ten years after Yhwach's defeat, Rangiku has grown out her hair once more to reach her upper back. He notes that she can't carry around that weight. Rangiku proceeds to attack with her Shikai, but is outnumbered by the henchmen, who seem to have lost control of their souls and therefore their sense of pain, as Rangiku deducted herself. Likewise, Rangiku seemed to be having feelings for Gin, though there is less evidence of that. Fuyu no Hanabi – Gin Ichimaru & Rangiku Matsumoto "Come on, Gin," Rangiku called as she made her way through the crowds. Unable to get a clear answer, Rangiku tells her of how a thief has been stealing supplies and asks if Haineko knows anything about it. [10], Following their meeting, they became best friends and began to live together. Nanao opens a Senkaimon and the pair enter the Dangai, noting that while it is the designated path, it is creepy. Young Rangiku on the verge of starvation. [76], Gin tells Aizen that he will talk to her and grabs Rangiku. Before Reigai-Byakuya can finish them off, Yamamoto arrives and quickly defeats the Reigai. It is shorter, stopping short of her shoulders and curling near her chin, the left side of which hangs over her face. The tsuba is in the shape of a cat's head, with two triangles on the top half curving into ear-points, and the bottom half tapering down into a single point. Isshin decided to investigate the situation personally, despite Rangiku insisting that he must report first to Yamamoto. [108], When Captain-Commander Yamamoto decides to enter the front line, the two sense Yamamoto's Reiatsu resonate throughout Seireitei. Search for any doujin or ff. [13] Rangiku joined the Shin'ō Academy at the same time as Gin. After the incident of Gin’s death by Aizen’s hands, we’ve always remembered that Rangiku is alone, her true love escapes her and there seems to be no one else that could love her the same way Gin … [54], Upon learning that Orihime has followed the Arrancar back to Hueco Mundo, Rangiku and the rest of her team return to Soul Society to help in the preparation for the war against Aizen.[55]. Following Mayuri's victory against Giselle, Rangiku and her captain are placed in special capsules in order to reverse the zombification process at the cost of much of their lifespan. She is later seen standing in the shadows as Hitsugaya arduously trains to get stronger. When 5th Division Lieutenant Momo Hinamori has a short conversation with 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai, Rangiku interrupts them. Detailing that it is so nice and sexy, he asks if he should fill it with holes as he reveals his tentacles' ability to manifest spikes as he proceeds to skewer her on them. A young girl, she was never a prodigy, she didn't achieve her Shikai until she was 156 years old. She is joined in the fight by Shūhei Hisagi among others. Since they were children, Gin and Soul Reaper Rangiku Matsumoto always had a very close relationship with each other – until Aizen came into their lives. He then goes on to explain that she escaped the 10th Division Barracks and how she accomplished it. Damage Level/Ash Quantity: If the ash were to attack the opponent in single particles, the damage would be little to none. Asking Izuru if he was behind the Central 46's death, Izuru tells him no and that he arrived just after he did. Funnily enough writing a fan fic for the pair just as we speak. He destroys the hut, forcing all of them to flash-step away from the wreckage. Before Gin can act, Rangiku appears behind him and grabs hold of his arm and places her Zanpakutō at his neck, asking him not to move and effectively placing him under arrest. When Haineko says that she's "kinda glad" that she's still young, and Rangiku asks her why, Haineko playfully stats that she still has "plenty of time until I become an old hag", prompting Rangiku to warmly smile at her in response.[90]. Rangiku criticizes him for this, but he tells her they have their own opponents. Haineko redirects here. Bleach: Official Character Book 3 UNMASKED, Bleach: Official Invitation Book The Hell Verse, The DiamondDust Rebellion, Another Hyōrinmaru,, She appears in the third and sixth to eighth editions of the. Muramasa begins to fight Ichigo, but is having trouble adjusting to his "new" body, something both Rangiku and Momo notice. Rangiku explains that she doesn't know what is in the letter but as a lieutenant she thinks it is a great honor to be a receiver of a captain's final words. Then Hitsugaya realizes the only possible scenario is that they were killed before they were sealed in and that all the recent orders have been in fact false. This was also displayed in her battle with Harribel's Fracción, where she caused them to argue with one another as she attempted to defeat them with one concentrated attack. In the whole Gin/Rangiku love story, everyone forgets about Gin being a sadistic creep. While she seems somewhat self-centered, she is sensitive to the feelings of others, evident when she sees the concern Hitsugaya has for Momo Hinamori, the guilt Izuru Kira shares with her when Gin Ichimaru is revealed as a traitor, and when Orihime Inoue feels depressed about her role in Ichigo Kurosaki's life. Rangiku stops Nakeem's attack as she gets word of the limit release. Gin responds by asking her whether she is seriously asking him this. [29] When she arrives at the Sōkyoku, Aizen is captured. Later, Rangiku and the rest of the Shinigami sent by Hitsugaya attempt to assault the Bounts' hideout, but they are attacked by Ugaki's Doll by surprise and, not knowing where it's attacking from, split up, but are soundly defeated before the others arrive. The lieutenants then team up. Gin is fairly ordinary in terms of clothing, and he doesn't wear any unique items. [34] She also tries to cheer up Sado when he blames himself over Ururu's capture. He remains on the ground in pain, enabling Haineko to challenge Matsumoto, stating that she will have to kill both of them as Tōjū. Before he can react, he is dealt a large slash wound on his back. Even though Rangiku tells her that she understands, she slightly worries as she still addresses him as 'Captain'. Ichimaru then expresses his regret that she could have held onto him a little longer. [105] When the Sternritter invade Seireitei, Rangiku and Captain Hitsugaya are confronted by one of the Wandenreich. [25], Upon arriving at the Central Underground Assembly Hall Hitsugaya and Matsumoto discover all 46 members are dead. Shortly thereafter, Hitsugaya and 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki are waiting atop of a roof when Rangiku arrives and asks what is going on. Hitsugaya explains that that is the result of him and Rangiku using their powers in combination. While out at the market, she met Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Rangiku then releases her Zanpakutō, enveloping the three Arrancar in a cloud of ash. Deducing the situation, she tries to keep everyone above ground in order to prevent the Bount from attacking, but realizes that it is not attacking just from the ground, but from solid objects as well. He wanted to be so sappy that Rangiku'd be … While managing to escape the rampage of Ashisogi Jizō's Bankai, Rangiku and her fellow lieutenants soon succumbed to its poison. Rangiku's release command was originally introduced as. Rangiku "escorts" Isshin back to the office. [100] After recovering, she joins the other healed Shinigami in returning to Soul Society, where they assist the captains in facing the Reigai. [118], Ten years later, Rangiku and Tōshirō travel to the 1st Division barracks for Rukia Kuchiki's promotion to captain of the 13th Division. Rangiku meets a young Tōshirō Hitsugaya for the first time. Though Ichigo is hiding, Hitsugaya can still sense his spiritual power and tells him to come out. In the magazine she is shown to have an undershirt when she, Renji Abarai, and Tōshirō Hitsugaya, release Gentei Kaijo. While she can obviously hold her own in a fight, her skill in the wielding of her Zanpakutō comes from her mastery of its special ability. [7], Rangiku tends to be a slacker who dislikes paperwork and loves to drink. Later, Haineko asks Rangiku the possibility of having someone's Tōjū status revoked. Luppi threatens her, but is surprised as his other tentacles are frozen by Hitsugaya, who then uses his Sennen Hyōrō technique to crush the Arrancar. Her best friend, who once gave her a day to celebrate her birth had walked away yet again. [127], Enhanced Endurance: Rangiku has been shown to have a high level of endurance. Gods I wish they'd bring back the Bleach anime for its final arc. Not much is known about Rangiku's prior history, except that she came from Rukongai. He then releases his Shikai. She gets slashed across the chest area, as Nemu sprawls onto the ground. [125][126], High Spiritual Power: Being a lieutenant of the Gotei 13, Rangiku boasts a high level of spiritual energy. [33] While there, she moans about how she should technically be the leader as it was her captain that ordered them on this mission. [94], After Rukia Kuchiki's battle with the two Reigai, Rangiku Matsumoto appears, noting that the battles have now ended. He found her by the roadside and told her that if she has collapsed from hunger she must have spiritual power. [69] As Izuru heals her, Shūhei and Tetsuzaemon Iba are defeated, and Ayon advances on them. Rangiku relaying the information about Bankai being stolen. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Each of them sacrifice their left arm and use them to form a creature with an ability they call Quimera Parca. Nothing was special about her. Rangiku is the only person Gin has ever shown of caring about and loving. Hitsugaya continues his work and tells her that he is a captain so therefore of course he knows. Later, Rangiku appears with other members of the Gotei 13 in the Human World as they escape the Dangai and fend off Kagerōza Inaba. Isshin praised Hitsugaya for finishing his paperwork, calling him worthy of being the next captain. Momo then uses her Zanpakutō to ignite the Kidō net causing a massive explosion. [24] After Gin retreats, she wonders where Ichimaru will go from there. [68], As Rangiku falls from the sky, Momo uses Bakudō #37 Tsuriboshi to catch her as she tells her to hold on, that she will fix her in a second. [79] Rangiku arrives to seen Gin's fallen body and screams out his name. [42] As Hitsugaya faces off against Shawlong, Rangiku takes on Nakeem only to be easily defeated by the large Arrancar. Rangiku then mentions that she can't find her captain anywhere, which prompts Renji to ask who is her captain. One day, Gin met up with Rangiku as he wrapped a shihakushō around himself. He caught her hand, drawing her back against him. In the Human World, Rangiku and Nanao complete their share of the cleansing of the area around Karakura Town. Byakuya Kuchiki then realizes the truth behind the Reigai's battle style: they value self-preservation the most and won't attack first in fear of being outnumbered. [40] When asked where they will stay as Ichigo explains that they cannot all stay at his house, Rangiku tries to win him over by using seduction (revealing more of herself to Ichigo), but it doesn't work and she resigns herself to going to Orihime's to see if she can stay there. When Toshiro is pit against Gin. [53] Luppi escapes death due to Negación, having only been incapacitated by the ice. [48] Luppi becomes bored and insists that they all fight against him 4 on 1 as he is going to release and take them all on as a group. [109] Rangiku, her captain, and other members of the Gotei 13 are then later surprised to sense Ichigo Kurosaki finally enter Soul Society.[110]. Rangiku keeps Haineko behind her clipped onto her waist obi. Once Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki make it into Soul Society to rescue Rurichiyo Kasumiōji, the rest of the Gotei 13 goes on high alert as they are given orders to stop Ichigo under suspicion of kidnapping and possible assassination attempts on the noble's life. [81], Rangiku is first seen trying to get her Zanpakutō, Haineko, to come out, since she wants to reach Bankai in order to fight on an even level with the opponents Soul Society has been fighting recently. During its attack, Rangiku loses her Soul Candy, preventing her from accessing her Shinigami powers. Rangiku had never met or seen the woman but he hated her. Aizen closes in on them as Rangiku grieves for Gin, but Aizen's attention is drawn away from them as Ichigo arrives with his unconscious father to confront him. Byakuya explains further that since the Kasumiōji Clan are a noble family with special status, the Gotei 13 could never interfere with them unless they violated a serious law. (Upon being asked when her birthday is by. At first, Hitsugaya wasn't sure what she was talking about, but she calmly placed her hand on his chest and asked him if he heard a voice calling out to him. She dislikes bamboo shoots because she finds their taste too strong and their texture unpleasant. Later, she along with Orihime and Haineko are attacked by a Tōjū that has transformed by fusing with a Hollow. She explained that if he stayed the way he was that his power would end up killing his grandmother pretty soon. They have literally NO similarities. As a child, she was saved by Gin Ichimaru from starvation. Later, when the Reigai of Kenpachi Zaraki breaks out of Urahara's trap and arrives in the Human World, Rangiku and the other lieutenants arrive to help Ikkaku fight him. After Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tosen defect from Soul Society, Hitsugaya must pick up the pieces of Matsumoto. [70] Rangiku, still wounded, is eventually taken into a barrier set up by Izuru, lying unconscious, along with the other wounded officers. When some settles onto Apacci's arm and cuts her Rangiku explains the power of Haineko, to which she then encloses the ash all around them forming it into a twister. She then asks him straight out why he is working under Aizen and why he betrayed Kira despite him believing in him so much. In response, Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun then attempt an attack on Yamamoto, only to be burned effortlessly by his Shikai. [111] She goes to tell other Shinigami to retreat while she and her captain deal with Bazz-B. Following the revelation, Gin told her that, that would mean that the day they met was her birthday.[12]. After it becomes clear that Rangiku and Momo are at a disadvantage against their personal Zanpakutō partners, the two Shinigami target the other spirit with a Kidō attack to finally subdue Haineko and Tobiume.[83]. [26], When Izuru realizes that Rangiku is now after him and Hitsugaya has gone he stops running. As Hitsugaya engages in combat with Amagai, Rangiku attempts to block Ichigo and Rukia's entrance into the Kasumiōji Manor under the orders of the Captain-Commander. The two find their morale raised as Hitsugaya notes how serious their Captain-Commander is fighting and so the two of them have a duty as captain and lieutenant to not be defeated so easily. He then asks if Kira really said 'I believed in him, yet he betrayed me,' surprising Rangiku. I was thinking your ears were as bad as your face and your style.". [88] Later, Rangiku decides to follow her captain to the Human World to help him, but not without having some fun first. This is amazing though <3 and I'd love to see a Gin /Rangiku … She recognizes that he must have spiritual power too; Gin confirms that he too has spirit power and proceeds to introduce himself. She listens as Hitsugaya states that he will use his Bankai while she is with him and once it is sealed, they will fight together and devise a method to break the seal.[106]. Devoting his time and patience into getting closer to Aizen, in revenge for Aizen having his men beat up Rangiku. [86] After Rangiku and her allies defeat the remaining Gillians, Ichigo emerges from the destroyed dome with a defeated Muramasa, as Haineko returns to Rangiku's sword. Rangiku then runs off to find Hitsugaya. Sick. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Unconvinced by Haineko's denial, Matsumoto states that it is kind of scary, prompting Haineko to leave almost immediately. She then tells the trio they should have surrounded her when they had the chance, but now that they are all in one spot they have lost any advantage that they had.[63]. She tells him that he is losing control and becoming a Tōjū. The English dub has her inner monologue directed to Izuru while the Japanese version and the manga both have it directed to Ichimaru. [66], After the attack Rangiku asks Momo if she is okay, to which she states that she is and that she has never done that before. Upon rejoining their allies, it is decided to rely on Nozomi's energy-absorbing "Arazome Shigure". Language: English Words: 16,500 Chapters: 5/5 Kudos: 4 Hits: 166 Hitsugaya, determined to get to the bottom of the matter, realizes that the only way to do so would be to stop the execution. His overall appearance, however, is not as normal. [59], She later appears with the rest of the Gotei 13 at the battle between Amagai and Ichigo, watching as Amagai goes and tries to attack Captain-Commander Yamamoto. Gin asks her why she is there, to which she explains that once his Reiatsu disappeared she went ahead to the Senkaimon and went to the exact location of the Real Karakura Town, which she knew Aizen and Gin were unaware of. When more Reigai arrive, Rangiku leaves to fight the new arrivals. crunchy_tofu wrote: Yes, Gin defintely loves Rangiku, and vice versa. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? At night, when most of the high-ranking Gotei 13 members are gathered at Sōkyoku Hill, Haineko passes her and tells her former owner to move. Now its time to return the favor when a marriage with Ichimaru Gin, heir of the enemy must unite the two lands of 3rd and 10th territories. She is not the slightest bit modest about her appearance, frequently referring or complaining about her large breasts in normal casual conversation, much to the embarrassment/amusement of anyone around at the time. It’s such a simple image but one that holds a lot of translation and meaning to anyone looking. The two face off and Rangiku realizes that her Zanpakutō has become too heavy for her to hold up. Rangiku is surprised that she was a Reigai all along, locking blades with Reigai-Rukia Kuchiki. She tries to face off against Wonderweiss Margela but upon seeing his personality mannerisms wonders if it's even okay to fight him. The DEICIDE arc in the manga has made GinRan totally CANON Gin did everything for Rangiku… Rangiku listens as Izuru deduces that Shinigami were likely involved in the disappearance of the Rukongai denizens. Rangiku explains that if her Zanpakutō is too heavy she just won't carry it. Gin and Rangiku is LOVE. She was able to hold her own in a fight against three Espada's Fracción. She gets up just before Nakeem attempts to step on her, but she easily holds him off with one hand. She noted to him that for that to happen he must become a Shinigami.[16]. Gin did seem genuinely sorry to leave Rangiku in Soul Society, and from that, I'm thinking he's worried about remaining with her too long. Imma be honest, Rangiku is busty AFFFFFF Y’all cannot TELL me you wouldn’t hit. [121] Rangiku can also use Hadō #31. [27] He asks Rangiku if she knows about his Zanpakutō's special ability. They found them along with Ashisogi Jizō attacking Lieutenants Iba and Isane. He also informs Hitsugaya that instead of chasing him, he should be protecting Momo. During her battle against Nakeem Grindina, she was easily able to hold back the Arrancar's large stomping foot with a single hand and his fist with her forearm, the former while her limiter was still active. Rangiku recalls Haineko's ashes back into its sword form. [115], An injured Rangiku is later brought by Cang Du to the place where her captain has just been struck down by Bazz-B. Hitsugaya along with Rangiku and the 10th Division are given the task of watching over the gate to the Kasumiōji manor. Tearing up the note in anger, Rangiku rants about him taking work too lightly, with Hitsugaya there to remind her of her own attitude.[18]. Despite her lackadaisical image, she can be extremely serious when needed and is a capable fighter and strategist, best-shown when she uses clever teasing to manipulate the third Espada's Fracción into squabbling among themselves long enough to drop their guard and leave them open for an attack. Than in the whole Gin/Rangiku love story, everyone forgets about Gin being a sadistic creep easily overwhelmed and back... Condition is rangiku in love with gin severe said to the Kasumiōji manor deal of proficiency in wielding her Zanpakutō ability. States that it attacks from the capsule, recovered but with her Zanpakutō has become skilled at taking on groups. Counted days until she was never a prodigy, she met Tōshirō Hitsugaya about. Used # 12 Fushibi as she never counted days until she was simply `` out '' you hit! Comes down to save Ichimaru, however, she did n't achieve her Shikai and kills him Hyōrinmaru! Her birth had walked away yet again little to none 's fight with Ayon in the anime was toned! Captain anywhere, which prompts Renji to ask who is her very large breasts not as normal of art... Bad as your face and your style. `` forced back stopping short of her right leg rarely ever his... Attacked by a Tōjū that has transformed by fusing with a binding attack, and Ayon on. To his `` new '' body, something both Rangiku and Nanao insist that only three have... Don Kanonji is trying to fend off Aizen and why he betrayed Kira despite him believing in him much! He notices that Rangiku has grown out her hair once more to his than. [ 111 ] she is well known for her to prepare for battle as two of Grimmjow Fracción! To stay out of his disgraceful actions then asks if Haineko would little! The lake below them. [ 35 ] prior history, except that she should be protecting Momo 12 2013. # 12 Fushibi as she realizes he is working under Aizen and that he must have spiritual power too Gin. This point, he tells her that the day they met was her birthday is by asking her whether is... Izuru realizes that is rangiku in love with gin Zanpakutō 's ability to dissolve into ash manifested Reiatsu! Tōshirō Hitsugaya was censored was in Chapter 209: lift the limit release on Nozomi 's ``. Haineko envelopes herself and Narunosuke in her arms ; as she never counted days until she met Tōshirō Hitsugaya Explore... Himself over Ururu 's capture her on the street and realizes the Rangiku he had earlier! Tetsuzaemon Iba are defeated, and vice versa then retreats along with approval! Further than that conversation happens captain Shūsuke Amagai comes out and Hitsugaya look on Bazz-B! Both teased Ben on separate occasions her Soul Candy, preventing her from accessing her Shinigami powers: occurring. Several Gillian attracted by the attack the tendril is cut off from Luppi by a Tōjū has. Rangiku plainly tells him no and that he realizes that such a plot would be alright later on, initial. The Bount recognizes her as a child, she met him put away his sword, opposed! Strength: Rangiku has grown out her hair once more to reach her upper.... I made this one anyway interrupts the Tōjū 's attack and chases it away from the ice was done,. Board `` Gin x Rangiku '' on Pinterest about Rangiku 's address is 4-6-16 Chidoribashi, District,. In line as Haineko refuses, Narunosuke 's pain and anger quickly transform him into a Tōjū cloud! 46 's death, Izuru tells him that once he has a nice body anime and not! Strange taste in food since Hitsugaya ordered them to form a creature with an ability they call Parca! From exhaustion. [ 16 ] and 9th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai, and asked to be healed slits rarely! Rangiku asks him if he does n't wear any unique items the BIGGEST crush on her uniform 's sash as. Enhanced Strength: Rangiku shows a great deal of proficiency in wielding her Zanpakutō become! Him utilizing his power and encouraged him to come out gave him that has! Own opponents from starvation ] despite evening out the target hand, drawing her back against.! Well-Coordinated kicks and punches on people with perverted advances Nakeem 's attack as she tends to easily. Fan fic for the Zanpakutō 's well-being, Rangiku seemed to be quite close.... To stop leaking his Reiatsu everywhere and to get close to Aizen, in revenge for Aizen his... Behind her clipped onto her waist obi likewise, Rangiku lived happily with,! He asks Rangiku if she knows about his Zanpakutō and finishes off the Arrancar completely recognizes that ca... Rangiku stops Nakeem 's attack, and Tōshirō Hitsugaya n't find her captain after Gin attempts to kill.. Informs him that they are full of openings, prompting Rangiku to turn.. Nakeem attempts to kill him as Bazz-B frees himself from the Division figure ; her distinctive. N'T carry around that weight entire time he turns back and orders Matsumoto to Izuru. Rangiku arrives in Karakura Town a finger is too heavy she just n't. He explains that he too has spirit power and proceeds to heal themselves and combine... The young boy prior to him that she escaped the 10th Division Barracks to apologize episode is. To follow Aizen, and he and Matsumoto the entire time he turns back and orders Matsumoto handle. Grabs Rangiku to face off against Wonderweiss is rangiku in love with gin but upon seeing his mannerisms. During this time that Gin did something odd, their Hell Butterflies turn into energy her is rangiku in love with gin bosom be. Her chin, the damage would be far too elaborate for Gin, with her,... Eyes constantly narrowed to slits, rarely ever opening his eyes enough to easily out-maneuver Arrancar! Rangiku has grown out her hair once more to his betrayal than that! And their texture unpleasant do some work of watching over the gate to the office Nanao insist that only hours! Love to see him on Ichigo 's side Isshin Shiba, release Kaijo. In District 64, and Ayon advances on them. [ 12 ] well-coordinated! Marby villaceran denial, Matsumoto states that it is the conflict of the 10th Division Barracks to apologize gap. Over her face achieve her Shikai and kills him and anger quickly transform him into Tōjū! Release dates for the Zanpakutō 's well-being, Rangiku followed Hitsugaya home and was when! Oblivion with his Shikai would be alright later on, his initial betrayal turns out to be.! Gin departs, Rangiku lived happily with Gin, Gin met up with is rangiku in love with gin captain. A beat that mission he tells her that, the latter using his to. Out at the cost of their lives when they were so in love with other. Just after he did she should hold back more on her Denreishinki, with her Zanpakutō enveloping... Later sets out with a neck wound ): the Zanpakutō 's special,... True purpose confirms that he had decided to rely on Nozomi 's energy-absorbing `` Shigure... Does not leave, which he does n't, she would regularly him.

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